Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vacationing is great but ...there's no place like home!

Scott & I went to Negril, Jamaica for our 25th wedding anniversary.  
(Tho our anniversary really isn't til Sept. 22 we had to go when we could).

We left Monday afternoon for Chicago.  The bad thing is I hurt my back cleaning the house before we left.  I was in such pain on the drive up, I couldn't move.  By the time we arrived at our hotel in Chicago I could barely move.  We went to a walmart and bought a heating pad in hopes it would help.  I couldn't believe it.  The last time I hurt my back like that I had to get a shot of pain med and take oral pain meds.  But I didn't have any of that!  So I had to grin and bear it.
Anyways, on Tuesday we had to be at the airport like 4 am because our flight left so early.  I really don't like to fly and now I have this back pain....this was not going to be good.  Our flight was delayed by an hour and half.  Not bad I guess.  We had a couple hour delay in Charlotte North Carolina anyways, so that just took some of that time away. 
 (or so we think).
We finally arrive in Charlotte.  While in the airport we notice this family of three boys and parents.  I'm like please don't let them be sitting by us.  Well, needless to say we had these little bratty boys sitting behind us with their dad (who did not make them behave).  These boys kicked my seat the entire the entire 3 hour flight.  Not to mention the hour delay we had while sitting in the plane waiting for take off!  Ugh.  This vacation is not starting too well.  But I refuse to let it ruin any of it.
We arrive in Jamaica Tuesday afternoon.  We then have an hour and a half drive to our resort from the airport.  But it didn't seem that long because I fell asleep. (ha)
We love our resort.  Our room is right by the beach, close to the restaurant, just perfect. (granted it's not the ritz but we knew that when we booked it, we wanted quaint not luxury)
The weather is warm, sunny, and beautiful.  We lounged on the beach, walked the beach, floated in the ocean.  Oh, I can just picture it. 
 (Boy, do I wish I was there again).
We really enjoyed ourselves even tho we did get sunburned and are still peeling!!
It was a very enjoyable time and I'm so glad and thankful that my wonderful husband took me away for a whole week. 
 (I will say tho that by the last day, I was missing my family back home and realized that I really like living by my parents, having my girls at home with us, and even missed my silly dog).
Vacations are nice but there really is no place like home!
Thank you to my fabulous husband!!  I love you!!!

p.s.  I'll add pictures soon!

Friday, May 1, 2009

One trip down, three to go!

Kentucky trip:

We left sunday, April 26th for Lexington Kentucky.  Dad had a convention thing to attend so us girls, (mom, sister & myself) entertained ourselves.

  Monday the weather was absolutely beautiful.  We visited a shaker village which was really interesting.  They don't believe in marriage...everyones  considered brothers and sisters.  Anyways, we ate their famous lemon pie. YUK! can I say it again.?.YUK!  And the portions of food at this restaurant was hilarious.  They were extremely small.  But overall the whole shaker experience was very interesting. 

 From there we went to Old Friends Horse Farm.  This is a farm for retired race horses.  It was very interesting and those horses were beautiful.  One horse was actually saved from the slaughter house because of this farm. The below picture on the left is the horse that was saved.  He is blind and deaf.  The other picture is a race horse that looked like he was posing for the picture. ha.

Tuesday we spent the day shopping.  My sister was trying to find a dress.  We were not successful.  Oh well, she has time to find one around here.  We went to a micro brewery in Lexington.  That was really interesting.

Wednesday, we went looking for scrapbooking stores.  We drove a half an hour for one and then it wasn't open.  They had really weird hours.  Bummer.  And the other one was obviously just a online servious.  We eventually just spent the rest of the day looking at stores at the Lexington Center while dad was at his meeting cuz he was tired and wasn't going to be too long.  Then we spent the evening scrapping, because we had brought our stuff with us to work on our albums.  Very productive evening.

We did go to one Scrapbooking store in Lexington on either Sunday or monday I can't remember.

Thursday we headed home. Thank God for GPS it made the trip so much easier to navigate around.  We came home a different way, using the GPS, we headed to a scrapbooking store.  We spent an hour there before getting back on the road for home.  The usual 51/2 to 6 hour trip is always longer with dad because he has potty breaks every hour (which I don't mind, cuz I go too.  haha)
All in all it was an enjoyable trip.  
We had mostly nice weather, dad did fine sleeping, we were able to scrap, shop, eat and explore.
Thanks mom and dad for letting me go