Monday, December 15, 2008

a sleepover at mom & dad's

I spent the night at mom & dad's last night.  I love doing that.  It's just a fun and relaxing time.  Not sure why I really say relaxing because it's not like I get alot of sleep. haha.  Mom & I always seem to get busy doing something and end up staying up late.  Then you have the midnight walker. Ha ha.  That's my dad, he's up and down all night long.  (I sleep in the living room ... need I say more?) Morning comes early even tho we didn't get to bed till late.  There's no sleeping in believe me.   But that's okay.  I didn't come to sleep in, but to spend time with them.  And of course have breakfast made for me. Ha.

  Today, while mom was baking banana bread, I ran the vacuum around the house, cleaned the bathroom - and decided NO MORE POWDER for dad.  I've banned powder - even left a sticky note on the bathroom mirror for dad saying "no powder in the bathroom!"  It's unbelievable how it gets everywhere.  I told him it wasn't good for him.  It probably clogs his hearing aids, his lungs, even his nose hairs.  He didn't seem to believe me.  Oh well.

  Mom and I ran to the bank, the post office, and Kohl's while some of the bread was baking.  It was a quick trip.  We thought so, but Sam (my brother) was sure to let us know that he got the bread out of the oven while we were gone otherwise it would've burnt.  Really, we weren't gone that long. hmmmm. (two women alone in a store...well, maybe we took longer then we thought, ha ha)  Anyways when we got home, we printed off some pictures on mom's personal photo printer, a christmas present from my dad, (she opened it early, we had to make sure it was a good one!) ( and boy, do I want one now!).  Scott arrived to pick me earlier than anticipated so I didn't get to do mom's checkbook on the computer.  I'll have to do that next time I go over.   Probably Friday.
Mom & dad, thanks for letting me spend the night.  Love ya both.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Update on the It's a joy post

The girls are now in business!  They sat down one evening and began making headbands for themselves, which I posted about below.
They named their business "Sweet Pea Designs".  They've got a blog which you can follow and order. 
 Check out the link I've listed here on my blog or
 type in

How exciting for them!!


I was thinking about the many traditions we have as a family.
Here are some:

Nov. - 
1. Birthday parties: Mine, Liz's - a friend one & a family one, Jenn's - a friend one & a family one, when the girls were young I'd have a theme friend party.  It was really fun to plan!

2. Thanksgiving at mom's - sometimes it's with all the extended family, sometimes not.

3. At thanksgiving we would always make containers of left overs for Uncle Rick to take home.  We really missed doing that this year.  It was hard to not have him with us.

4. At thanksgiving taking a traditional picture of Uncle Rick, sometimes he's asleep in a chair otherwise he's watching the football game.  Those pictures will be treasured now.

Uncle Rick & Uncle John before the game starts.
 Nov. 2004

5. Setting up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Jenn wasn't too thrilled this year because we didn't decorate with the "traditional" ornaments.  I themed the tree this year!

This is Jenn putting on her traditional "one" ornament for pictures.

Dec. -
1. setting up for the Adult Christmas Party at church.  It takes longer to set up then to take it down.  But boy do we have fun.  The girls help too.  We've been doing this for years.  Some years we've been at church til 3am just setting up and decorating. Fun. 
This picture shows the gym after it is decorated.

2. going to mom's to make cookies the first week of Dec.

3. family christmas party at mom and dad's.  Alot of the extended family come.  We exchange $5 gifts.  We like to see who gets the neatest gift for $5.  We have cookies and other finger foods. (I'll miss Uncle Rick being there.  This is really going to be a hard season)

4.  "Santa" comes to our house on the 24th in the morning.  We started this years and years ago when the girls were little so they could play with their toys before going to mom and dad's.

5.  Spend the night Christmas Eve at mom and dad's.  We play games, snack, watch movies, etc.

6.  Open presents and just hang out at mom and dad's.

7.  The one tradition I really miss is walking across the street to Grandma's on Christmas morning.  We would walk over in our pj's to take Grandma and Grandpa Combs' to give them their gifts.  O good memories!!! I miss you Grandma & Grandpa!!!!!!!!

8. Sarah spends a week with us sometime during christmas break.

9.  New Years Eve - we go to mom and dad's to play games. And then it's tradition to take pots & pans and bang them outside at midnight. oh boy.

March or April-
1. Easter : hide the Easter Baskets.  We still do this even tho the girls are extremely too old for this.  I've included Luke, by having a basket hidden for him.  

2.  Easter dinner at mom & dad's after attending Church

1. Mother's Day - We go out to eat!  Mothers shouldn't have to cook on that day!

2. Memorial day picnic at mom & dad's usually.  Sometimes extended family too.

1. for the Fourth of July we have picnic at mom & dad's.  We used to have it our house before we moved. (we had a pool then)

2. watching the fireworks from the Caterpillar parking lot.  We always go early so to get a specific parking spot. ha ha.  

3. Sarah (she's our "other" daughter)  comes for the 4th.

4. We buy matching 4th of July shirts for Scott, me, Jenn, Liz, Sarah, and Luke.  Last year we also included Heather.  We always take a pix in the shirts.
July 4, 2007

1.  for our anniversary we go away for the weekend.  Usually to somewhere amish.

2. Pumpkin Festival - we design the float, the church booth, work the booth, walk the parade, work the food tent.  It's alot of fun!

I'm sure there's more but that's the ones I can think of right now.
wow, as I look back the Lord has truly blessed me with many memories and with my family. 

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Cookies, It's a tradition

Liz and I spent the night at mom and dad's sunday night.  (Jenn had to go to work in the morning so she didn't spend the night).  It started out as just me spending the night, so Mom and I spent the afternoon doing a little online christmas shopping.  Eventually our necks were stiff, and we decided to go to the store to shop.  We found some great deals!  By the time we got back Liz & Jenn were there.  Liz had decided to spend the night and Jenn just came for awhile.  We made up some cookie dough to be put in the frig.  And then mom & I did a little more online shopping.  Then we watched the christmas movie "Elf" until midnight.  Mom actually stayed awake and I fell asleep.  That's probably a first!
Then Monday morning it was cookie time!!  Sandy & Dalton came, Jenn came from work, and Liz rolled out of bed.  We made sugar cookies -(also known as cut-out cookies), snickerdoodles, and chocolate crinkles. YUM!  Then we divide them up between three of us.  Easier than making cookies by yourself - not to mention alot more fun!
Dad & Sam would sneak in and take a cookie every once in a while.  They both thought they were being sneaking but they weren't.
Then after all the baking, Jenn, Liz, Mom & I went shopping. Oh, I love Christmas time and finding the best bargains!
I love our special cookie baking day!  It's a tradition we started years ago and I hope that we can continue it for many years to come.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Joy

It's pure joy to see the girls sitting at the table creating.  As a crafty type of person, it's neat to see the girls have fun with their girl friend and just creating, using a glue gun, and taking joy in what they've created.  I guess you're never to old to learn new things!  They tried to get me to join in but I thought I'd just let them create and I'd just sit back and listen.  Ha ha it was fun.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving I figured now was a good time to reflect on what I'm thankful for. So here goes:
  1. First I'm thankful for my heavenly father who loves me unconditionally
  2.  for my husband of 24 years and my best friend, (he's on vacation this week...when's he going back? ha ha)
  3. for my girls: their smiles, laughter, teasing, drama, need I say more about them, ha,
  4.  for my parents and the love and guidance they've always given me,
  5.  for my sister & brother: for the love & memories,
  6.  for my in-laws: for their love and help thru the years, 
  7. for my Pastor & his wife: they've been such a spiritual influence on my life,
  8.  for my memories of Grandma: oh, how I miss you!!! and Grandpa too,
  9.  I'm thankful for my cousin Jeni and our renewed relationship: we missed out on alot growing up but we are making up for it now! I love her sweet smile and laughter, her positive attitude thru all her ups and downs, 
  10. for my friend Tammy: our relationship is special, like an extra sister (did I really want one?  I don't know. ha ha)
  11. for Sarah: my other daughter, who holds a special place in my heart
  12. for Luke: my daughter's boyfriend, (just remember we can always dig a hole in the back yard if you hurt her, ha ha), he's like the son I didn't have (and maybe didn't want? ha ha)
  13. my job:  I love most of the kids there!  Too many to mention.
  14. for the time I had with Uncle Rick the weekend before he died.  I miss you, especially tomorrow at Thanksgiving.  It won't be the same without you!
I'm sure there's more but I think that's good for now.  I hope everyone that reads this takes time to thank God for the things they are thankful for.  May God bless you this thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

21 years ago

Wow, hard to believe 21 years ago today, Scott & I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  She's 21 now and still our beautiful baby girl.  I'm not sure when I changed from being the mom to being the friend.  At least I hope that's how she sees me.  Well, maybe a "mom-friend".  I like it.  (most days) ha.  I really don't like change but I know there's not much I can do about it.  That's what life is...always changing.  But I'm thankful the Lord sees me thru each change.  It's thanksgiving time so what better time to say, "Thank you Lord for our special blessings, Jennifer & Elizabeth."

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Empty Nest?

Is this what it will be like when I have an empty nest?  Boredom. Wondering what I should do? Boy, do I dread the day when I really have an empty nest.  Right now the girls, (age 21 & 17) are at a friends house.  Of course, last night they were all here.  They had a NBA Draft night, go figure.  But I took pictures and dropped in every once in awhile to see what was going on (they were in the basement) and of course I had to  grab some of their snacks! ha. 
Well, really I guess it will just be another phase in the Kelso household.  The Lord knows when it'll happen and I'll be fine.
I'm still figuring out this whole blog thing so....bare with me as I change things up as I learn more.