Friday, January 9, 2009

Brother's Birthday

My baby brothers birthday party is tonight.  His actual birthday was Wednesday the 7th, but we were unable to celebrate then because my dad was in the hospital. (yuk)
Anyways, this blog is about my brother.
As I get older I don't remember as much about when he was born but I do know that I was totally excited!  I wanted a brother.  My sister wanted a girl, but not me.  I wanted a brother.
I can't really express the love I have for him.  He will just always, always be extra special to me.  I can't explain it but I think he's the greatest thing.  Sometimes he frustrates me, things he does boggles my mind but it really makes no difference because I love him anyways.  
He may be 35 but he'll always be my baby brother.  I can't imagine life without him.  I'll always pray for, protect and love him.
Well, I've got to go now and get to the party.
I love you Sam!!!

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Jeni said...

That is so sweet Suez! I know just how you feel! I feel the exact same about Davey! Tell Sam I said Happy Belated Birthday! he is special! xoxo,Jeni