Monday, December 15, 2008

a sleepover at mom & dad's

I spent the night at mom & dad's last night.  I love doing that.  It's just a fun and relaxing time.  Not sure why I really say relaxing because it's not like I get alot of sleep. haha.  Mom & I always seem to get busy doing something and end up staying up late.  Then you have the midnight walker. Ha ha.  That's my dad, he's up and down all night long.  (I sleep in the living room ... need I say more?) Morning comes early even tho we didn't get to bed till late.  There's no sleeping in believe me.   But that's okay.  I didn't come to sleep in, but to spend time with them.  And of course have breakfast made for me. Ha.

  Today, while mom was baking banana bread, I ran the vacuum around the house, cleaned the bathroom - and decided NO MORE POWDER for dad.  I've banned powder - even left a sticky note on the bathroom mirror for dad saying "no powder in the bathroom!"  It's unbelievable how it gets everywhere.  I told him it wasn't good for him.  It probably clogs his hearing aids, his lungs, even his nose hairs.  He didn't seem to believe me.  Oh well.

  Mom and I ran to the bank, the post office, and Kohl's while some of the bread was baking.  It was a quick trip.  We thought so, but Sam (my brother) was sure to let us know that he got the bread out of the oven while we were gone otherwise it would've burnt.  Really, we weren't gone that long. hmmmm. (two women alone in a store...well, maybe we took longer then we thought, ha ha)  Anyways when we got home, we printed off some pictures on mom's personal photo printer, a christmas present from my dad, (she opened it early, we had to make sure it was a good one!) ( and boy, do I want one now!).  Scott arrived to pick me earlier than anticipated so I didn't get to do mom's checkbook on the computer.  I'll have to do that next time I go over.   Probably Friday.
Mom & dad, thanks for letting me spend the night.  Love ya both.

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Jeni said...

Oh Suez... I'm so jealous. I wish i could spend a sleepover like that at my moms. Such a sweet quality of life you have. Just reading your blog made me feel relaxed. I need some of that. Love you cuz, miss ya too!!