Monday, March 2, 2009

to travel or not to travel

It's been awhile since I've blogged.  Sorry about that.  But I've been busy.

I went with my parents and my sister to St. Louis, Missouri.  We had a marvelous time.  While dad was at his convention thing, us girls had some girl time.  Sandy got her hair cut and highlighted at a shop in the mall. (brave girl!)  Then all three of us had our face done at Sephora's.  (My new favorite place).  Oh, before that I had my cartlidge pierced, (something I've always wanted to do!, thanks mom).  It was just a fun time.  We went to several scrapbooking stores which was the original goal we had planned on, not all the makeover stuff.  But hey, we're flexible.

Now my travel plans are starting to really mount up.  I may go with my parents and sister to Lexington, Kentucky in April. (Dad has a convention thing there, we drive him there and then shop).

Then in July, I may go with Liz and the youth group on a mission trip to Grenada....I need prayer on this!  It would take a bit of money!!  Not that God isn't able to provide it.  But it'll be over $1000 each for Liz & I to go.  Pray!!

Then in August, my mom wants to go to my cousin Jeni's wedding in New York.  I really want to go!!  So we are checking on flight plans but we'd have to be making arrangements soon so we get a good price.

The one thing I'm really bummed about is Scott & I's 25th anniversary plans have been put on hold.  He doesn't think we'll be able to go because of his work.  (I think that happened on our 20th too).    He's suppose to take me to a beach...out of the country.  He keeps threatening me with the fact that the Illinois river has a beach.  HaHa. YUK!  I think not!

So needless to say I need alot of prayer.  Safety, financially, health...

well, I'll keep you all posted on the travel plans.

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Jeni said...

Oh Suez! Sounds like a wonderful year. Stresses of a full life! It's hard to decide what to do when income allows only a certain amount. I KNOW ~ believe me!! I pray alot for God's will and let him decide what is most important. It all ends up working out. Of course I would hope to see you in August, but I know my trip is probably the most expensive. :( Dumb NY is not cheap ~ Long Island is just as bad. It's okay if you can't make it, like I said, the effort & desire means so much to me. I love you no matter what! I'll pray too ~ xoxo
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