Sunday, November 23, 2008

Empty Nest?

Is this what it will be like when I have an empty nest?  Boredom. Wondering what I should do? Boy, do I dread the day when I really have an empty nest.  Right now the girls, (age 21 & 17) are at a friends house.  Of course, last night they were all here.  They had a NBA Draft night, go figure.  But I took pictures and dropped in every once in awhile to see what was going on (they were in the basement) and of course I had to  grab some of their snacks! ha. 
Well, really I guess it will just be another phase in the Kelso household.  The Lord knows when it'll happen and I'll be fine.
I'm still figuring out this whole blog thing so....bare with me as I change things up as I learn more.


Jeni said...

WOW ~ i love it! Welcome to blog world... another wonder of the internet world! Love you! xoxo, Jeni

sayruh77 said...

well when your nest eventually does get empty(which you've got a while yet) i can assure you i'll be stopping by plenty! love you!