Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving I figured now was a good time to reflect on what I'm thankful for. So here goes:
  1. First I'm thankful for my heavenly father who loves me unconditionally
  2.  for my husband of 24 years and my best friend, (he's on vacation this week...when's he going back? ha ha)
  3. for my girls: their smiles, laughter, teasing, drama, need I say more about them, ha,
  4.  for my parents and the love and guidance they've always given me,
  5.  for my sister & brother: for the love & memories,
  6.  for my in-laws: for their love and help thru the years, 
  7. for my Pastor & his wife: they've been such a spiritual influence on my life,
  8.  for my memories of Grandma: oh, how I miss you!!! and Grandpa too,
  9.  I'm thankful for my cousin Jeni and our renewed relationship: we missed out on alot growing up but we are making up for it now! I love her sweet smile and laughter, her positive attitude thru all her ups and downs, 
  10. for my friend Tammy: our relationship is special, like an extra sister (did I really want one?  I don't know. ha ha)
  11. for Sarah: my other daughter, who holds a special place in my heart
  12. for Luke: my daughter's boyfriend, (just remember we can always dig a hole in the back yard if you hurt her, ha ha), he's like the son I didn't have (and maybe didn't want? ha ha)
  13. my job:  I love most of the kids there!  Too many to mention.
  14. for the time I had with Uncle Rick the weekend before he died.  I miss you, especially tomorrow at Thanksgiving.  It won't be the same without you!
I'm sure there's more but I think that's good for now.  I hope everyone that reads this takes time to thank God for the things they are thankful for.  May God bless you this thanksgiving.

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Jeni said...

Oh my Gosh Suez! I got tears in my eyes reading that. You are so special and so grateful. I am so happy to have our closeness renewed! You are so fun & funny! I miss you! I love keeping in touch the way we are...keep your eyes out ~ we will have a wedding website soon :). xoxo,Jeni