Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Cookies, It's a tradition

Liz and I spent the night at mom and dad's sunday night.  (Jenn had to go to work in the morning so she didn't spend the night).  It started out as just me spending the night, so Mom and I spent the afternoon doing a little online christmas shopping.  Eventually our necks were stiff, and we decided to go to the store to shop.  We found some great deals!  By the time we got back Liz & Jenn were there.  Liz had decided to spend the night and Jenn just came for awhile.  We made up some cookie dough to be put in the frig.  And then mom & I did a little more online shopping.  Then we watched the christmas movie "Elf" until midnight.  Mom actually stayed awake and I fell asleep.  That's probably a first!
Then Monday morning it was cookie time!!  Sandy & Dalton came, Jenn came from work, and Liz rolled out of bed.  We made sugar cookies -(also known as cut-out cookies), snickerdoodles, and chocolate crinkles. YUM!  Then we divide them up between three of us.  Easier than making cookies by yourself - not to mention alot more fun!
Dad & Sam would sneak in and take a cookie every once in a while.  They both thought they were being sneaking but they weren't.
Then after all the baking, Jenn, Liz, Mom & I went shopping. Oh, I love Christmas time and finding the best bargains!
I love our special cookie baking day!  It's a tradition we started years ago and I hope that we can continue it for many years to come.

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Jeni said...

Life with traditions is a life worth living... sooo sweet. A family that traditions together ~ stays together.