Thursday, December 11, 2008


I was thinking about the many traditions we have as a family.
Here are some:

Nov. - 
1. Birthday parties: Mine, Liz's - a friend one & a family one, Jenn's - a friend one & a family one, when the girls were young I'd have a theme friend party.  It was really fun to plan!

2. Thanksgiving at mom's - sometimes it's with all the extended family, sometimes not.

3. At thanksgiving we would always make containers of left overs for Uncle Rick to take home.  We really missed doing that this year.  It was hard to not have him with us.

4. At thanksgiving taking a traditional picture of Uncle Rick, sometimes he's asleep in a chair otherwise he's watching the football game.  Those pictures will be treasured now.

Uncle Rick & Uncle John before the game starts.
 Nov. 2004

5. Setting up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Jenn wasn't too thrilled this year because we didn't decorate with the "traditional" ornaments.  I themed the tree this year!

This is Jenn putting on her traditional "one" ornament for pictures.

Dec. -
1. setting up for the Adult Christmas Party at church.  It takes longer to set up then to take it down.  But boy do we have fun.  The girls help too.  We've been doing this for years.  Some years we've been at church til 3am just setting up and decorating. Fun. 
This picture shows the gym after it is decorated.

2. going to mom's to make cookies the first week of Dec.

3. family christmas party at mom and dad's.  Alot of the extended family come.  We exchange $5 gifts.  We like to see who gets the neatest gift for $5.  We have cookies and other finger foods. (I'll miss Uncle Rick being there.  This is really going to be a hard season)

4.  "Santa" comes to our house on the 24th in the morning.  We started this years and years ago when the girls were little so they could play with their toys before going to mom and dad's.

5.  Spend the night Christmas Eve at mom and dad's.  We play games, snack, watch movies, etc.

6.  Open presents and just hang out at mom and dad's.

7.  The one tradition I really miss is walking across the street to Grandma's on Christmas morning.  We would walk over in our pj's to take Grandma and Grandpa Combs' to give them their gifts.  O good memories!!! I miss you Grandma & Grandpa!!!!!!!!

8. Sarah spends a week with us sometime during christmas break.

9.  New Years Eve - we go to mom and dad's to play games. And then it's tradition to take pots & pans and bang them outside at midnight. oh boy.

March or April-
1. Easter : hide the Easter Baskets.  We still do this even tho the girls are extremely too old for this.  I've included Luke, by having a basket hidden for him.  

2.  Easter dinner at mom & dad's after attending Church

1. Mother's Day - We go out to eat!  Mothers shouldn't have to cook on that day!

2. Memorial day picnic at mom & dad's usually.  Sometimes extended family too.

1. for the Fourth of July we have picnic at mom & dad's.  We used to have it our house before we moved. (we had a pool then)

2. watching the fireworks from the Caterpillar parking lot.  We always go early so to get a specific parking spot. ha ha.  

3. Sarah (she's our "other" daughter)  comes for the 4th.

4. We buy matching 4th of July shirts for Scott, me, Jenn, Liz, Sarah, and Luke.  Last year we also included Heather.  We always take a pix in the shirts.
July 4, 2007

1.  for our anniversary we go away for the weekend.  Usually to somewhere amish.

2. Pumpkin Festival - we design the float, the church booth, work the booth, walk the parade, work the food tent.  It's alot of fun!

I'm sure there's more but that's the ones I can think of right now.
wow, as I look back the Lord has truly blessed me with many memories and with my family. 

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Jeni said...

This is a blog to cherish... wow! I love your traditions. Uncle Ricky, G'ma, G'pa & my dad sure are missed.... you know they are still with us! Talking and writing about them keeps them even closer.... love you cuz. I'm gunna read this traditions over & over. Nice to know too.... I'll pick a fun tradition to come visit...hmmm, first week in December sounds good - me love cookies.. i might pass on the 4th of July twinkie shirts. lol.